Scaled Agile - Our Approach

The benefits of applying Agile principles - most notably a more responsive and efficient development organisation - are broadly accepted. However, scaling Agile to large organisations - 1,000s of developers across 100s of teams - remains a significant challenge.

Code Red have developed an approach to scaling Agile without compromising the core principles - and benefits - of the manifesto. It is not a prescriptive framework - every organisation is different and will need to scale Agile in a different way. The people who actually do the work will work alongside Code Red experts to determine how people, process and technology will adapt to successfully scale agile.

The Code Red approach to scaling Agile has two components: the 4 things that every enterprise needs to do in order to scale Agile successfully (the "Essentials"), and a comprehensive set of guidelines to support enterprises undertaking the change (the "Toolkit"). Code Red people will help you design and implement the essentials, and customise the Toolkit to best fit your needs.

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