Technology is the difference between success and failure

An agnostic view reveals the true state of technology and is the heart of Due Diligence


Every company is a software company.  In today's digital economy a complete understanding of an organisation's technology assets and capabilities is vital. Due Diligence requires significant emphasis to be placed on the technology, as well as the legal and financial aspects of a transaction, so that its true value is correctly identified.

Our deep impartial analysis of all aspects of technology including people and process is achieved by engaging directly with employees at all levels in the organisation, we will uncover both risks and opportunities - however well hidden. Our engineering background enables us to assess everything from lines of code to board level business drivers. Due Diligence must be about understanding and authenticating what is happening deep in the organisation. Tick box checking is not diligence!

Corporate M&A and Private Equity

Enterprises undertaking merger, acquisition or investment activities face significant risks if the technology assets of the target are not well understood.

Our depth and breadth of technical capability means we are your ideal partner to make these assessments and to plan and execute the subsequent transition and integration.

Technology Deep Dive

Board level concerns about your technology organisation's effectiveness or a critical programme typically requires an independent and objective view. We can perform a discreet and objective deep dive of your technology capability against accepted best practice.

Our experience and track record allows us to give an unbiased view, identify root causes and deliver the execution plan.