Communities of Practice

Encourage a culture of collaboration and learning


Crowdsource problem solving


Unify distributed teams


Enable continuous learning

Enable Communities of Practice

By using Atlassian's tool, Confluence, communication skills for cross-functional teams are improved, helping to impart valuable knowledge within your entire organisation and implement continuous improvements; all within an agile framework.

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    Jira Software

    Structure content with spaces

    Use spaces to create areas for common domains of collaboration. These can be a team, product, practice or many more.

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    Organise your content with labels

    Use labels to quickly categorise and group content. Labels will be available across spaces and label gadgets can show which ones are popular.

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    Keep everyone informed with blogs

    Say goodbye to emails groups and mailbox clutter. Use the built in blogging to keep colleagues informed of updates and changed. Employees can create their own blogs for topics they want to share.

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    Build a community of experts with Questions

    When you can find the information you need you can ask a question and then crowdsource the answer from all of the users.

    Helpful responses can be marked so you can quickly identify the best answer. Participation is measured and experts are automatically identified.

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    Don't miss a thing with Team Calendars

    Create on place for teams to stay in sync. Use calendars to plan ahead and schedule events.

    Use with your favourite calendar client, such as Outlook, Google Calendar (Android) or Apple Calendar.

Our approach

Our approach is to not only deploy the solution but work with your teams to adopt the processes that enable your organisation to realise true value, which benefit your customers. We support you at every step on your journey towards digital transformation, by developing your existing skillset through a range of solutions that boost productivity and revenue growth.


By defining the right metrics and agreeing which processes need to improve, together we determine what good looks like for your organisation to help you reach your potential.


After thorough testing, the best tools are configured and implemented before being handed back to your Operations team for day-to-day management of your systems.


Once a framework is established, on-boarding allow processes to be refined, whilst existing data is migrated, and a continuous improvement plan is built.


We help your teams develop their coding skills to create robust automated processes to support your journey towards digital transformation.

Why work with us


Our People

We are Agile and DevOps practitioners with experience in building products


Trusted by clients

We've successfully helped a range of clients across different industry sectors


An approach that works

Our proven approach implements the solutions and embeds practices into your organisation


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