Are you doing DevOps the right way?

Discover where to invest to get better have partnered with DORA - DevOps Research and Assessment

Created by Jez Humble, Gene Kim, and Dr. Nicole Forsgren, the assessment helps technology organisations improve the productivity of software development and delivery by evaluating and benchmarking your technology organisation.

The DORA assessment is taken by your IT team online and takes under 20 minutes per person. The results are processed and your IT organisations capabilities are measured against industry-wide benchmark for devops.

Together, and DORA offer a rapid insight into how well your DevOps teams are performing and how your organisation needs to transform to improve performance.

The proposition provides additional insight through:

Baseline your performance against industry
Consider an assessment if you have problems:

The DORA assessment is provided as software as a service, running a DORA Assessment follows these stages:

  1. Identify the Lines of Business and teams to be assessed
  2. Socialise the survey and prepare email distribution lists
  3. Take the Assessment, everyone takes a 15- to 20-min survey

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