DevOps for the Enterprise is about removing friction, increasing flow and providing feedback

We enable a culture of collaboration, continuous improvement and continuous delivery


Enterprise DevOps Operating Model

To ensure you achieve friction-less working we help design a full Target Operating Model, focused on Customer alignment, removing barriers, bureaucracy and amplifying feedback. We work with you to adopt a lean process model appropriate to you, that does not compromise the core values of DevOps and Agile.

DevOps Maturity Assessments

We have partnered with DORA to help improve your DevOps capabilities, reduce your time to market and improve quality. Our assessment benchmarks your teams against DevOps practices, highlighting areas for improvement. We embed our engineers in your teams to accelerate adoption and achieve the real benefits of DevOps.

D'n'A Bootcamps

Are you trying to adopt DevOps and Agile? We accelerate your adoption with our DNA bootcamps. DevOps and Agile is a cultural change.  Our bootcamps demonstrate, and coach, the behaviours and culture required to be successful. A learning by doing approach means that teams are coached while delivering their projects, this accelerates change and really embeds the core values of DevOps and Agile in your DNA.

Enterprise DevOps Tooling

DevOps is enabled through the right tools, services and a route to cloud. Our engineers are able to configure and integrate your existing tools to build continuous delivery pipelines, that meet security, legal and regulatory requirements and are fully auditable, providing the steel thread of 'story to production', where ever the solution is hosted.