Atlassian is the
culture and collaboration layer of DevOps

As partners, users and implementers of Atlassian products for over 10 years, we know how to get the best from your implementation.

We have successfully implemented Jira, Confluence, Bitbucket, Bamboo, Hipchat and Service Desk for teams small and large, and at enterprise scale. The right tool coupled with the right ways-of-working can significantly increase your productivity and employee motivation. Our engineering background means we can integrate the stack with any existing tools and help you achieve true Continuous Delivery. Whatever your stage of Atlassian adoption we can help you maximise your investment.

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New to Atlassian? Get me started

As an Atlassian Official Solution Partner and reseller, we supply Atlassian licenses under standard commercial terms, we help our customers get the best value by helping to manage the estate under a single agreement. As your solution partner we:

  • Procure all your Atlassian licenses for you, making sure you get the best deal available
  • Synchronise and simplify your licensing, by co-terming, so that you're always within Atlassian Support and Maintenance
  • Manage the renewal process on your behalf
  • Consult on deployment options, security and best-practice

Multiple instances? Atlassian migrations

Often customers find themselves with multiple instances of Atlassian services and want to consolidate. Perhaps you have made a recent acquisition and now have multiple Jira's. Or perhaps it's a move from Atlassian Cloud to self-hosted (or vice versa).

Understanding how to migrate the configuration and the dependencies for Jira can be challenging for any organisation but thankfully are here to help.

Our years of experience with Jira has enabled us to develop a tool to help automate the process which we use in our migration service.

Need more from your investment?

Often customers have seen organic growth in the use and number of Atlassian products in their organisation, consequently, the tools are not provisioned as a service and are looked after by individuals. We help our customers get the best value from the product set by:

  • Integrating the solutions via a single access method
  • Securing the tools so that legal and regulatory requirements are met
  • Performance tunning and scaling 
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery pipeline to manage the tools
  • Establishing an appropriate support organisation
  • Best practice in using atlassian for DevOps

Enterprise Ecosystem

Atlassian is integral to software delivery, building an enterprise Atlassian Stack for global use has significant challenges, we help you by:

  • Setting up Developer Services as a Service, this is not limited to Atlassian tools but all those your engineering teams require
  • Governance and appropriate use of the products
  • Implementing a Continuous Delivery pipeline to manage the tools
  • Establishing an appropriate support organisation
  • Best practice in using atlassian for DevOps
  • Simplification of ITSM processes
  • Business use of JIRA and e2e process

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